Conference Venue

Walking from the Continental to the Conference Venue

Using computers at the university - read before you leave home

The short walk from the Hotel Continental to the conference venue

This map leads you from the Hotel (marked H near Mezirka) exactly to D Block of the Faculty. When you turn the last corner, you'll see this building through which you enter.

All sessions take place in D Block rooms, and all Keynotes are in the Aula in C Block.

You can register on Wednesday afternoon a the Continental between 4 pm and 7 pm  or Thursday morning from 8.30 to 9.30.

Computers at the Faculty of Arts

Lecture rooms: The computers used for presentations have wired connection to the internet, so you can use internet in your presentations.
Notebook connectionEduroam. If you plan to use your notebook to connect to the Internet, Eduroam is the easiest way. If you have successfully used Eduroam elsewhere, you need not read on – everything should work. (However, our wireless signal may not be available in all room used for the conference.)
Basic info for Eduroam novices Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a secure and user-friendly roaming service in Higher Education. It enables people from all participating universities to connect to the Internet at all partner universities. The service exchanges your authentication info with your home institution, so if your eduroam is set up properly there, you can simply start your notebook at any other university – plus maybe select Eduroam from the list of wireless networks -- and you are fully connected to the internet (provided you are in an area covered by the Eduroam wireless signal).Set it up before you go If you are not an Eduroam user yet, please check with your local ICT support and have Eduroam set up on your notebook before you leave for Brno. Then you should be internet-connected not only at our conference, but at any university anytime.
Our computer pools: Temporary user accounts (login plus password) will be issued when you regsiter. These will allow you to use Masaryk University PC’s in our computer pools. These are easily accessible everywhere, but they have only the Czech version of Windows and other programs installed.
Notebooks through “our” Eduroam If you do not manage to set up your Eduroam in advance, we can try to  help you do it here; then you can use it with the user account mentioned in 3) above. This is the least convenient optin as this “Brno” configuration will only work for this conference, so you will not get full Eduroam functionality.

Some traffic etiquette

Trams have priority, so don't expect them to stop for you even if you are on a pedestrian crossing. 

Jay walking is a crime in the Czech Republic.

This is not the UK, so cars drives on the other side of the road.

Czech law obliges you to carry ID at all times.

Quick Contact

James Thomas
Conference organiser
+420 549 49 7614

Jiri Salamoun
Conference Secretary

Costin Alexiu
Contact directly in case of technical problems.