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Friday, July 2nd
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Keynote Talk: Adam Kilgarriff


Block 1C:  Learner Corpora

Chair: Premek Kaszubksi

Stefanie Dose: Scripted speech in the EFL classroom “ A Corpus of American Television Series for teaching (about) spoken English.

Svetla Rogatcheva: Measuring learner (mis)use: tense and aspect errors in the Bulgarian and German components of ICLE.

Angeliki Salamoura and Evelina Galaczi: Using learner corpora to illustrate the CEFR levels: findings from the English Profile Programme

Iztok Kosem and Špela Arhar.: Something for teachers and something for learners: the design of a user-tailored concordancer for Slovene corpora.

Block 2C: Use at Secondary school

Chair: Bernhard Ketterman 

Hsing-chin Lee: Quantitative Assessment of English Language Development in Adolescent Taiwan EFL Learners: Small Corpora Used in Building Everyday English Skill.

Jozsef Szakos and Ulrike Glavitsch: Multiple Speakers' Indexing through SpeechIndexer and its Application to Language Teaching.


Maria Sanchez-Tornel: The Spanish BACKBONE component: multimodal, corpus-based Content and Language Integrated Learning.

Oana-Adriana Duta: The Use of Songs in Teaching Translation.

Hsing-chin Lee: Small Corpora Used in Building Everyday English Skills.

Block 3C: Phraseology

Chair: Lynne Flowerdew

Jiajia Xu: A study on Chinese English learners’ use of phraseology as confidence builders in speech: its roots and implication.

Lynne Flowerdew: Exploiting a corpus of business letters from a phraseological, functional perspective.

He Anping: Pedagogic Processing of Phraseology for EFL Teacher Education Course and Practice.

Hongmei Liang: Phraseology Teaching in English coursebooks: a lexical grammar perspective.




Poster Session


Block 1D: Spoken Corpus

Chair: Guy Aston

Guy Aston: Speech corpora for language learners: what use can they be? 

John Osborne: Relating events in a foreign language: comparisons from an oral corpus.

Trevor Shanklin: Characterizing Test-generated Spoken Learner Corpora for Purposes of Curriculum Planning

Johannes Widmann: Evaluating the lexical potential of spoken pedagogic corpora


Sandra Goetz: Temporal fluency variables in native and non-native English speech: Corpus findings and language-pedagogical implications

Block 2D:  Grammar

Chair: Josef Schmeid

Mick O'Donnell: When are grammatical structures best taught? Using learner corpora to discover the critical proficiency levels for each grammatical structure

Susanne Kaemmerer: Interference in advanced English Interlanguage: scope, detectability and dependency 

Marina Mattheoudakis and Anna-Maria Hatzitheodorou: The lexical patterning of light verbs in GRICLE and native corpora: a comparative corpus-based study


Marianne Spoelman: A corpus study on Finnish learner language: Estonian, German and Dutch learners' use of partitive subjects.

Stavroula Voyatzi: Exploring the use of adverbs in a corpus of learner French: a case study from Cyprus.

Sylwia Twardo: Errors in use of verbs by adult learners of English at B1, B2 and C1

Block 3D:  Writing

Chair: Chris Tribble

Anna Krasnikova: Use of corpora for teaching of editing

Claire Kennedy and Tiziana Miceli: The learner as chef?  An approach to developing FL learners corpus-consultation literacy through creative writing

Monika Formankova and Angela Hahn: Writing skills and language awareness: learner-driven use of corpora

Przemyslaw Kaszubsko: Encouraging students to concordance: Towards better integration with the writing course workflow.

Dora Huang Zeping: The effects of concordancing on vocabulary use in EFL writing: A corpus-informed approach


Keynote Talk: Joybrato Mukherjee


Conference Dinner: Zemenova Kavarna

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