Keynote Speakers

Ute Römer

University of Michigan


Ute Römer is currently Director of the Applied Corpus Linguistics Unit at the University of Michigan English Language Institute where she manages the MICASE (Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English) and MICUSP (Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Papers) projects, see Her primary research interests and areas in which she has published include corpus linguistics, phraseology, and the application of corpora in language learning and teaching. Her current research focus is on how corpus tools and methods can be used to identify meaningful units in specialized discourses. For a full list of Ute’s publications, see

Ana Frankenberg



Ana Frankenberg-Garcia holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Edinburgh University and was jointly responsible for creating COMPARA, a three-million word parallel corpus of English and Portuguese literary texts, available online at She is Auxiliary Professor at Instituto Superior de Linguas e Administracao (ISLA-Lisboa) and invited Auxiliary Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She teaches English for Specific Purposes at BA level, and Corpora for Applied Translation and New Technologies in English Language Teaching at MA level. Her work on applied uses of corpora has been published in various books and journals, including International Journal of Lexicography, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, Corpora, and English Language Teaching Journal. She is co-editor (with Lynne Flowerdew and Guy Aston) of "New Trends in Corpora and Language Learning", soon to be published by Continuum, and was responsible for organizing TaLC 2008 in Lisbon.

Joybrato Mukherjee

Justus Liebig University, Giessen


Joybrato Mukherjee, President of the University of Giessen, holds a Ph.D. in English Linguistics having written his dissertation on the interaction between intonation and syntax from the University of Bonn. He graduated in 1997 from the Technical University of Aachen where he studied English Language and Literature, Biology and Pedagogy. He is currently the Professor and Chair of English Linguistics at the University of Giessen, Member of the Executive Board of the International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English (ICAME), Member of the Centre for Media and Interactivity (ZMI), and the Principal Investigator of the Internationl Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC).

Patrick Hanks

Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University in Prague


Patrick Hanks is a lexicographer and corpus linguist. He was editor of the first edition of Collins English Dictionary (1979). Later, he served as project manager and subsequently editorial director of the Cobuild project in lexical computing at the University of Birmingham (1983-90). He was chief editor of current English dictionaries at Oxford University Press (1990-2000), where, among other things, he designed and edited the first editions of the corpus-based Oxford Dictionary of English (1998) and Oxford Thesaurus of English (2000). At various periods in his life he has taught English as a foreign language - both English for academic purposes in various universities and English for business purposes in the 1980s in Sweden. He drew on his teaching experience and his corpus expertise to co-author a course book, Business Listening Tasks (Cambridge 1986). He has been a visiting scientist and consultant at various research institutions and publishing houses in Europe and America, including AT&T Bell Laboratories, where between 1989 and 1994 he co-authored a series of influential papers on corpus-driven statistical analysis of collocations, lexis, and meaning. He is currently working as a senior researcher and visiting professor at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics in Prague. He is also a visiting professor at the University of the West of England in Bristol and the University of Wolverhampton. Patrick Hanks's research interests include meaning, phraseology, metaphor, lexically driven linguistic theory, and the origins and history of surnames. His book, Lexical Analysis: Norms and Exploitations, is due to be published next year by MIT Press.

Josef Schmied

Chemnitz University of Technology


Josef Schmied has held the Chair of English Language & Linguistics at Chemnitz University of Technology since April 1993. He completed his PhD on English in Tanzania" in 1984 and his postdoctoral thesis on relative constructions in British and Indian English (LOB and Kholapur Corpus) in 1991. His main research interests are in Language & Culture (sociolinguistics, English in Africa and SE Asia, Academic English) and in Language & Computers (corpus-linguistics, e-learning, www English and Wiki+). He has been active in the ICE network with a new journal ICE Studies from 2010 and in ESSE with a seminar on "Empirical Approaches to Discipline, Culture and Identity in Academic Discourse" in Torino in August 2010.

Adam Kilgarriff

Lexical Computing Ltd


Adam Kilgarriff is Director of Lexical Computing Ltd, which has developed the Sketch Engine, a leading corpus tool in use at OUP, CUP, Macmillan and Collins for lexicography, and at a range of universities for teaching and research. His scientific interests lie at the intersection of computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, and dictionary-making. He is also one of three directors of Lexicography MasterClass, which run the annual Lexicom workshops.

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