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Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic with some 400,000 inhabitants, and the capital of Moravia. The origins of the city date back to the 12th century when it was established as a merchant settlement at the intersection of trade routes which have joined northern and southern Europe. As such, Brno withstood a Hussite siege between 1428 and 1430 and the Swedish siege of 1645, but the city itself has never been conquered.

After the industrial revolution, Brno quickly became the most advanced industrial centre of the Habsburg monarchy. At this time, Brno was connected to Vienna with the first railway line in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and it became known as the .Moravian Manchester.. As Brno has always been a very progressive city, it is little wonder that it was in Brno.s Mahen Theatre where Edison.s electric lamps were used for the first time in the world to light a prominent public building.

Thanks to this industrial boom many world famous architects found work opportunities in Brno, and thus there are numerous architectural marvels to behold. There is the largest exhibition centre in Central and Eastern Europe, the Brno Exhibition Centre, which contains some magnificent examples of functionalist architecture; there are many important Art Noveau, early modernist and functionalist buildings; Brno is also proud of her Mies van der Rohe.s Villa Tugendhat, an icon of modern architecture.

Hand in hand with this industrial growth came developments in the cultural arena further strengthening that of former times which was on the decline. It happened that many theatres, galleries, and museums sprang up, something Brno.s culture aficionados greatly welcomed. Given that there are currently six universities in Brno whose students add an additional 100,000 to the city.s population, there is mp shortage of cultural venues and events. Brno is therefore well-known as a youthful university city.

Given such inspiration, it is no surprise that the city has given the world some first rate musicians, philosophers, scientists, and writers. Famous among them are Kurt Godel, Leo. Janek, Erich Korngold, Adolf Loos, Gregor Mendel and Milan Kundera.

Brno is surrounded by lush mixed forests. Many vineyards stretch to the south of the city with wine cellars everywhere. Brno accordingly hosts a grand wine festival every September so as to celebrate the grape harvest. Other notable events include Ignis Brunensis, an international fireworks competition, and Moravian Autumn, an international festival of classical music. All in all, Brno is a wonderful place to attend a conference.



Ninety single bed rooms and ten double bed rooms have been provisionally reserved at the Continental Hotel, which is only a 5 minute-stroll away from the Arts Faculty where the conference will take place.

More details about booking will be available on this page in March. A single room costs 1050 Czech crowns (which is approximately 40 Euro) per night and includes breakfast. A double bed room costs 1500 CZK (57 Euro).

There are many other hotels in Brno if participants would like to explore alternatives. Google maps provides a useful view on this.

Google Map for Hotels in Brno

Booking through Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined is a price comparison system. It aggregates and compares accommodation options from all major sources such as,, and many more. It helps users find the best priced accommodation option. If required, the reservation is made directly on the compared websites (Expedia, Priceline etc...)

In addition there is a Conference Support Program which offers 10% discount to all attendees of selected conferences, including TALC2010.

You can start searching for your preferred hotel in Brno here

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Please note that the price offered through Hotels Combined is not less than the conference price we have arranged at theHotel Continental

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